rose plastic Brasil: Your Partner for medical packaging now with a new website

rose plastic launches new website.

Discover the world of rose plastic medical packaging in Brazil with the launch of our new website. Visit our website for an intuitive navigation experience and comprehensive information about our packaging solutions and services for the medical industry.

Today, packaging must meet a wide range of criteria. For medical packaging, the requirements are even higher. In addition to protecting contents during storage and transport, protection against contamination and the intrusion of germs is also crucial. rose plastic Brasil has specialized in hard plastic packaging, offering versatile solutions for various sectors. These include medical devices, dental, healthcare, as well as lab and diagnosis.

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Our bottles, protective covers, tubes, boxes, and cases cover a wide range of applications.
Highly adaptable and perfect for many uses are, for example, our ConsumerBox or UniBox. Both types of packaging are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Specifically for sensitive implants, our DentalImplantPack is ideal, both for storage and transport. Our TipCover provides perfect protection for delicate tips of surgical instruments, tweezers, and more. In the healthcare sector, for example, test kits are often packaged in our versatile cases.

Looking for suitable packaging for liquids and solids? You've come to the right place. Whether for food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, or cleaning agents – plastic bottles from rose plastic Brasil are the ideal solution. Our range is complemented by accessories such as dosing cups and nozzles.

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By the way, we not only develop and produce all our hard plastic packaging ourselves, but also all the necessary tools. This enables us to develop customized packaging solutions in close collaboration with our customers. If you need a custom medical packaging solution, please feel free to contact us.