Finding the right packaging for a product is often no easy task. Especially in the medical field, other requirements and standards must be considered besides ensuring the “right fit”.

rose plastic medical packaging is your first port of call for safe yet appealing product packaging. However, we appreciate that in the medical field, this is simply not enough. After all, compliance with strict hygiene and safety standards is a fundamental requirement in the areas of medical devices, the dental industry, healthcare, and the lab and diagnosis. We realize that our product packaging must also meet these standards – and we ensure that it does.

We manufacture in a strictly controlled environment in accordance with cleanroom classification ISO Class 9 (EN ISO 14644-1) and ISO Class 8. In addition, our comprehensive standard product range is manufactured within the framework of EN ISO 9001.

Our cleanrooms are located at our headquarters in Hergensweiler (Germany) and in California (Pennsylvania, USA). We also offer production in a clean environment at our location in Sorocaba (Brazil).

In addition, we use plastics that meet the strict requirements for medical use (medical grade). Furthermore, our company is certified in accordance with the medical device standard DIN ISO 13485.

Packaging is no longer an annoying accessory, but rather an opportunity to make your product stand out from the competition. After all, the packaging creates the first impression. Our appealing protective coverstubes, boxes and cases show your product in the best possible light. For even greater appeal, we can create an individual look for your packaging with a customized imprint.