In the field of medical technology, surgical instruments like scalpels, scissors, and clamps are indispensable. But no matter where these instruments are used, they need adequate protection during storage and transportation. Otherwise, their sharp edges and blades or pointed ends could easily puncture the packaging. In the worst case, this could render your product unusable.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, we offer a whole range of suitable packaging solutions for surgical instruments. For example, our TipCover tip guard offers optimum protection for delicate tips and the cutting edges of surgical instruments. It comes in six sizes that cover a wide range of product diameters. TipCover not only protects your product during storage and transportation, but also protects the user from injury.

When it comes to packaging for surgical instruments, our customers frequently choose our TopPack XPress. Thanks to its special base geometry, this packaging tube allows easy insertion and removal of the instruments. At the same time, the base holds the contents firmly in place. TopPack Xpress can be used as primary packaging.

Are you looking for the right packaging for long instruments? Then we recommend our QuadroPack TipLine. Thanks to its tapered ends, this square protective/packaging tube minimizes the risk of the contents puncturing the packaging. 

Our RectangularPack is also a suitable packaging solution for surgical instruments. With length adjustment via a stepless ratchet mechanism, this rectangular two-part tube can accommodate surgical instruments of various dimensions. As a packaging solution it’s easy to handle, stackable, space-saving, and a secure option for storage and transport of your products.

Whether square or rectangular, large or small – our UniBox can accommodate them all. The push and hinge closure ensures that nothing can fall out, keeping your products securely stored. The versatile UniBox is both resealable and, like many of our packaging solutions, reusable.

In addition, our versatile all-rounders BlockPack and TwistPack Plus have proven themselves as reliable packaging solutions. From small to large, from thin to thick – with refined ergonomics and length adjustment via a ratchet mechanism, both can effortlessly accommodate various types of surgical instruments. 

We apply our know-how and experience in the field of medical technology to ensure that both surgical instruments and their users are optimally protected. Contact us today and discover how our packaging solutions can meet your specific requirements.