New: DentalImplantPack – All-round protection for delicate dental implants

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Safety during transport, easy handling during surgery. DentalImplantPack ensures that your product reaches the customer intact. In addition, our new packaging solution for implants helps to ensure that surgical procedures run smoothly.

If anyone knows what really matters when it comes to dental implant packaging, it’s the people who work with it every day. Which is why dentists and dental professionals were the first people we spoke to when developing our DentalImplantPack. Product safety and easy handling were at the top of their wish list – and can now be experienced in our latest packaging solution.

Protected during transport, safe to handle
In order to accommodate implants with or without implant mounts in a protected manner, DentalImplantPack is available in two versions. Matching titanium inserts or the clamp on the implant mount prevent the implant from coming into contact with the plastic. A blister made from Tyvek® is also available for both versions, which creates a sterile barrier for the implants.

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During surgery, user-friendly handling is important when removing the dental implant from the packaging. How does DentalImplantPack ensure this? Quite simply and very intuitively! After opening the transparent protective tube, a 90-degree rotation of the cover on the implant holder allows direct access to the implant. After removal of the implant, the closure screw can be unlocked and also removed by rotating the cover by another 180 degrees. All components included with the implant system are then accessible exactly when they are needed. The anti-rolling protection integrated in the closure provides additional safety.

Manufactured in a cleanroom
The entire tube is manufactured in our cleanroom in accordance with ISO Class 8 and is suitable for sterile applications. All components are produced using medical grade materials. Another advantage is that the implant is visible at a glance inside the transparent tube.
Do you need to pack several sizes from one product family? Also not a problem. Thanks to adaptable titanium components, DentalImplantPack accommodates all common implant sizes and the corresponding closure screws. 

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